Future Sales Plans

Mr. H’s Future Sales Plans

As of this writing Mr. H is concentrating on sales of nutritional supplements and most specifically on Perfect Plant colloidal minerals. His company is known to be the world’s largest supplier of plant derived colloidal minerals for human consumption. In fact his plant minerals have been sold in more than 100 countries. Perfect Plant comes in veggie capsule form. This GRAS affirmed and kosher certified, freeze dried mineral powder in the capsules is known to increase nutritional value in nutritional supplements, beverages and processed foods. It is also utilized in personal care products and cosmetics. Without question it is the best and most comprehensive hydrophilic mineral supplement on the market. Mr. Heinrich formed Magzuma LLC as a network marketing company specifically to allow consumers to help introduce Perfect Plant minerals to additional consumers.
Mr. Heinrich’s most gratifying and prideful endeavor is in the health food supplement industry. He became a pure health advocate after he was introduced to the prehistoric plant material that he named Senonian Vegetate from which the Perfect Plant minerals are derived. Not only was he the first person to introduce plant derived minerals to the world, he was also the person who first associated the word “colloidal” with plant-derived minerals. He became obsessed with plant minerals and the benefits they provide to humans after reading hundreds of testimonials from previous users and personally interviewing several hundred consumers of the minerals. After he began his research he was amazed to learn that a majority of the consuming public knew very little about minerals and the role they played in the prevention of disease and overall health for all living creatures. He was even more surprised to learn the average medical doctor didn’t know any more about the benefits of minerals than the consuming public.
During the last thirty years Mr. H has seen incredible health improvement in thousands of individuals who regularly consumed plant minerals. He says it is not necessary to have a PhD in realism to understand how effective this product is if you just witness the difference in a person’s health after six months of use. He is convinced the quality of health in the world could be vastly improved with a steady diet of a full spectrum of 75 pure and properly processed plant-derived colloidal minerals. He invites you to read his book titled “The Untold Truth”. The information in this book reveals facts that seem to have been ignored by the World Health organization, the drug and medical industry and the media. Anyone can read this book free of charge by going to the internet and logging on to “info.theuntoldtruth.info”.

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